Voices from Within–1


David DiPietro Weiss

♦ A Contract with Your Soul

♦ Rebirthing Into Spirit

  • Size : 5" x 8"
  • No. Pages : 38
  • Published : 2015
  • ISBN : Publisher Direct only
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Product Description

Following up on his books, There’s Only One Of Us Here and Impressions from Yonder Soul, author David DiPietro Weiss presents a series of “Soul Talk books” which presents a succession of essays that address many of the spiritual dilemmas that all of us contemplate at one time or another. The series is entitled Voices from Within. Each of the three completed booklets are writings that are occasionally channeled, or written through inspiration.

The first book of Voices from Within contains two poignant writings entitled:

A Contract with Your Soul, describing how each of us comes into this world with a contract with the Divine and provides a roadmap for the process of awakening from our physical existence to our authentic selves as well as being aware of distractions and Detours from the path.

Rebirthing Into Spirit shines a brilliant light on the process we generally attribute to the term death. What happens when you leave your body? Weiss explains through a channeled message that we are in fact not dying at all, as we generally have been conditioned to believe, but are actually rebirthing back into spirit, to our authentic Soul. And the journey is always a pleasant one!


weiss-headshotDavid DiPietro Weiss, co-founder of River Sanctuary Publishing, has studied, practiced , and written in many genres of spirit and enlightened ascension. Longtime careers in mindful education led him and his wife, Annie Elizabeth, to build a Spirit Temple on the River Sanctuary grounds.  The River Sanctuary hosts numerous activities to showcase the teachings of the masters, including book study groups, movie nights, and spiritual circles.  Friends, healing arts practitioners, and all manner of amazing people gather to share their talents and invoke Divine presence to inspire the mission of the River Sanctuary Temple.