Upon Your Canvas (Ecstatic poetry)


by Paul Goldman

  • Size: 6 x 9 Full Color illustrations
  • No. Pages: 80
  • Published: 2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-935914-50-2


In this stunning new collection of ecstatic poetry, Paul Goldman, through a collaboration with Intuitive Artist Natosha Keefer (www.natoshakeefer.com), creates a sacred space where you may again feel free to fall into the ocean of your own longing for solace, for peace, for hope and at the deepest measure of your humanity – an enriched connection to your own personal Divinity.

The transformative power of realizing your innate worth, is revealed here, as you are invited to discover anew for yourself, the color palette to paint the extraordinary canvas that is your own life.


Paul Goldman

AuthorPaulGoldmanPaul Goldman is an Ecstatic Poet who lives and breathes these words of ecstasy sourced from his Divine. After undergoing open-heart surgery in January of 2014, Paul now is more than ever engaged on a passionate mission to spread these messages of peace, solace and connection to something greater than one’s human self.

Paul produced the Spoken Word CD Wild Joy Released: The Ecstatic Poetry of Paul Goldman with the assistance of friend and extraordinary musician Tom Jacobs. Just a few short months later, Wild Joy: Ruminations was published in 2010 by River Sanctuary Publishing. In praising this ecstatic volume, one reviewer compared the poems to Rumi:

…The wild, holy energy within this book can burst forth only from a ‘man who has lost himself in love’, such as Rumi and other seers, whose poetry this volume now joins.

Vern Barnet, Faiths and Beliefs columnist, The Kansas City Star

In 2011, renowned publisher, O-Books of London, England published Paul’s second collection of ecstatic poetry, Journey Into Oneness. Of this work, Melissa Studdard, MFA, Contributing Editor Tiferet and award-winning author of Six Weeks to Yehida, said:

…This is not just a book. It is a metaphysical experience.

Paul is the former host of Journey Into Oneness on Co-Creator Radio Network, founder of Gratitude Open Mic Night, past proprietor of Stone Spirit Lodge-a Metaphysical Shoppe and most recently he has become a regular contributor to James Van Praagh’s blog, The Daily Awakening.

Find out more about Paul Goldman at www.ecstaticpoet.com. Follow him on Twitter @SpiritPoet and at his Facebook page, Wild Joy: The Ecstatic Poetry of Paul Goldman.

About the Artist

ArtistPhotoNatosha Keefer considers herself an inspirational artist. Working sans shoes and accompanied by music, she enters into a visual dialogue with her canvas as her brush dances across it. The addition of burlap, sand, and other materials gives added dimension to each unique work. She often creates her art before an audience. Natosha believes her art to be not only a reflection of her authentic self, but that it is in part a product of the creative synergy which results from her interaction with those sharing her experience. Natosha’s art background extends far beyond painting — she is also an accomplished dancer and musician.

Find out even more about this gifted visionary artist at www.natoshakeefer.com.

My Starry Night

My Starry Night

True Wealth’s Secret

Tonight, I saw You
once more and knew
beyond, beneath, within,
without — that I am.

The resonant beauty
of everything shimmers–
in this vast field of being.

Tonight, I found true wealth’s
secret and vowed to keep
You — forever sacred.


Is There Yet More?

Tropical Sunset

Tropical Sunset

Swirling, whirling with all
you have freely given me,
I ask is there yet more?

And to hear the answer
that there is even more
to come, swells my heart

with a passion to live
I have never felt before.

This knowing there is
even yet more and more,
is beyond imagining,

beyond breathing itself,
      beyond this blissful moment,
            beyond, even beyond…

Paul Goldman’s poetry offers up captivating Truth, served in bite-sized morsels with a sweetness that lingers long after the reading is done. Add the visual feast of the accompanying art in Upon Your Canvas, and you have a full course meal of soul nourishment. A delicious treat you will be tempted to share with everyone you love.

— Lori Ann Lothian, creator of the Awakened Dreamer blog (www.theawakeneddreamer.com), senior editor, Good Men Project, Good for the Soul.


Paul Goldman’s collection of poetry and [Natosha Keefer’s] paintings in Upon Your Canvas is exquisite, full of moments of insight that are not so much crafted as perceived, in the way that Irish musicians say they don’t so much compose a tune as hear it in nature and capture the sounds. When it works, and it usually does, his words “come close to conveying / what my heart hears.” This is deeply-felt poetry, a pleasure to read and revisit.

— Dan Furst, author of Dance of the Moon and Surfing Aquarius & Actor in An Evening With Rumi


Paul & Natosha by combining their art forms move the heart and the soul, transcending, merging, colliding and recognizing the story each is revealing to the other in “Upon Your Canvas”. Each being being present in the moment of their art form, drawing us in and sharing with us their divine pallet of words scripted across the illusion of our limited vision.

— Susan Prout, Intuitive Artist


Upon Your Canvas” sets a theme for a forensic look at who we are as conscious individuals. A self portrait of our thoughts, fears, love, pain and kinship with each other and the planet. Paul’s poetry magnifies beautifully the essence of all we are as a human species.

— Donna Reese, Artist Author An Extraordinary Trilogy of Light Meditation