The Poet Reflects…


by Ron Lampi

  • Size: 5.5 x 8.5
  • No. Pages: 42
  • Published: 2012
  • ISBN: 978-935914-19-8
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Ron Lampi, metaphysical author and poet, shares “The Poet Reflects” as a heartfelt glimpse into the unique world of the poet; at once an inspirational memoir and a poignant treatise on the undeniable call drawing those with this gift to capture and enshrine essential moments of experience in our rapidly changing world.



The poet reflects,

A poet is one who uses strong words, who uses powerful words, who uses dangerous and beautiful words, words that could set the world on its ear, if the world had such an ear that could hear. Words of fire. Words that can quench like water. Words as solid as crystal. Words that could build a home for the soul. Of course, others do not realize that words can do so much. To so many, words are just that, simply words, mere words. A poet is one who knows how powerful a word can be. Others throw words around like trifles, but a poet sees in words the potential blast of dynamite. Careful with that dynamite!


The poet comes up to the young man sweeping the café floor and seems to suddenly just gush with all these memories. As if he is babbling some song out of his soul. Something about the evening, transiting Moon aspecting Jupiter expanding this, like, euphoria again, something about the music playing, he is high energy wired, he is in this extravagant flow. Oh, but that’s the way he gets.

The poet reflects,

There comes a point, after all the kicking and whining and dragging of feet as I have done in my earlier years, when the poet reaches the point of no return: There is no turning back to start your life over, you’ve already gone too far, so you might as well surrender yourself to the Calling completely. There comes a point when you allow your Calling to take over completely.