Within Each of Us: A Journey of Awakening to Inner Guidance


by Dino Calabrese

  • Size: 6 x 9 color
  • No. Pages: 104
  • Published: 2011
  • ISBN: 978-1-935914-05-1


In this fascinating tale of self-discovery, intuitive counselor and medium Dino Calabrese relates his life adventures as an artist and player in the world of fashion and interior design. As a child, Dino came to know that the voices communicating to him were those of Spirits or Guides. Through a series of enriching and challenging experiences, he comes to understand that this guidance is providing him with information to assure his success and wellbeing. Dino’s search for happiness and a satisfying expression of his creativity leads him to teachers who show him the best and worst of the awakening New Age movement. As he opens himself as a channel to this realm of “perpetual guidance,” Dino experiences an ability to hear the messages of “spirit guides” surrounding other people. By remaining true to himself, Dino discovers his ability to create the life of his dreams by tuning in to this inner guidance — a pathway of the heart that is WITHIN EACH OF US.



IMG_3749_just faceBorn in Washington D.C., Dino Calabrese is a designer and an artist. As a child, he was intuitively connected to people, as well as a spirit who kept him company throughout his teens and into his early 20’s. As a result of a psychic reading, he was introduced to the spirit, who was to have been his brother.

Grateful for this introduction, Dino never felt alone as a result of this presence. Later, he began hearing voices from people he would meet and acknowledged that the voices were giving helpful information. As an artist, he would go within and allow his inner being to speak. He then listened to his inner voice in order for him to create as well as to perform. He found that the more he listened to the truth of what he was hearing, the better his work was. When he applied this to his personal life, he always was able to maintain his path successfully.

As a child, he believed that the voices he heard (other than his conscious thoughts) must be those of Spirits or Guides surrounding him with helpful information. In his thirties, he realized he needed to open more deeply to his awareness of these inner voices in order to continue receiving messages from these guides.

Through the process of this deeper exploration, Dino discovered that he has the ability to hear voices surrounding others as well as himself. For the past twenty five years, Dino has been helping people hear their inner voices, allowing them the understanding of how to continue on their life path with success and joy. He decided to write this book, so that those who read it could be encouraged to explore their own connection with Source.