As Always, Lisa: A Coloring Book of Mandalas for Therapy, Meditation and Fun!


by Lisa Cano

  • Size: 8.5" x 8.5"
  • No. Pages: 100
  • Published: 2014
  • ISBN: 978-1-935914-43-3


A collection of hand-drawn mandalas by artist Lisa Cano invites us to explore contemplative and colorful expression.  In the words of the author:

MandalaColor1Many of the drawings in this book were originally designed for therapeutic purposes.

I was working with an auto accident victim who had, for 28 years, been left-handed. Unfortunately the accident left him having to relearn to do things as a right-handed person.

The first drawing I did was experimental, harboring the hope of developing the fine motor skills of his right hand. Not only did we accomplish this goal at an extremely rapid pace, but he thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Working on these drawings also proved to have an added benefit for him of mental, as well as physical relaxation.

Over the next several months our work with these drawings was incorporated into our regular routine.

The cover of this book shows examples of several of the drawings within after they have been colored. Because of the versatility of the drawings, they stimulate the imagination in all sorts of ways.

How fun it is to give copies of the same drawing to a group of people and then witness the outcome! They may have started out the same, but the final results are individual works of art.

My purpose in creating this book is to give everyone the opportunity to use these mandalas to explore their own creativity. I hope you have as much fun as I did creating them!



Lisa Cano

Lisa CanoI’ve been a doodler since a very young age. I had a Spirograph toy that fascinated me in the fluidity of the repetition.

My drawings are personal in the moments they are evolving and upon completion I am totally in love with the finished product.

For me they are thought provoking, therapeutic, and exciting. Each time I finish one I feel completely recharged and ready for whatever comes next.

I also enjoy the challenge of incorporating something personal into the design. When I’m doing a drawing for someone specific, I find myself thinking about that person the whole time I am drawing.

The fact that they are freehand with imperfections is, to me, what makes them the most beautiful.

They are a lot like life. They start from a tiny dot and layer by layer they evolve. Lots of twists and turns, starts and stops. Each part intertwined and developed as a result of what came before it.

I am a free-spirited adventurer with the boundaries of family and responsibilities. I’m constantly dreaming and looking for little outlets of playtime as that proverbial “spoonful of sugar.” No matter how hard life hits at times, my optimistic enthusiasm cannot be squelched. Adjust as necessary and move on.

My drawings help me to get through, to contemplate, to celebrate, to connect…to share…

As always,