How to Make the Ten Most Nutritious Recipes on the Planet…and Step into Radiant Health

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by Joy Binah

  • Size: 8 x 10 Full Color
  • No. Pages: 240
  • Published: 2016
  • ISBN: 978-1-935914-70-9


There are so many diets, so many conflicting studies, so many opinions and dogmatic ways to approach our food choices. This book cuts through the overload of information with a simple approach to food, introducing you to nutrient-dense ingredients and recipes that are simple and will work with most any body type, blood type, metabolism and life style. The highlighted foods pack a nutritional punch that cannot go unnoticed in your body. Joy Binah’s straightforward style and simple approach to food preparation encourages you to develop a more intuitive relationship with your body and nurtures the confidence needed to make the right choices to truly care for yourself.


joy-smBefore I begin with my story, I want to honor your story.  Where ever you are on your journey to finding health is where I want to meet you.  Perhaps you are just wanting to fine tune your diet to insure that all your nutritional needs are being met or perhaps the disease you are suffering from has created a dependence on medication and you live in fear that you could die without it.  

In a pivotal moment on my journey into health, I made the decision to cancel my health insurance.  Many of you reading this will likely be aghast at that choice and feel it a reckless decision.  I ask you to consider that it was that choice motivating me to dig deep into this subject and discover a great deal that now may be of service to you.  I offer you what I have learned, in the hopes that it will catalyze in you a commitment to health and wholeness.

Over twelve years ago, the idea that our thoughts and feelings contribute to creating our reality had seated itself in my consciousness. I had done a lot of reading on this subject, and the fact that our thoughts are creative made total sense to me. 

Given this knowledge, I realized I had become habituated to many thoughts, feelings, and actions that were most certainly not in my best interest!  I could look back on my life and see very clearly what my role had been in creating scenarios and circumstances that shaped who I was at various moments in time. 

One of the most uncomfortable of these beliefs created a feeling of dependence on a broken health care system as a way to care for my body. Every month I would take several hundred dollars from my hard earned money and invest in my ill health in the future by writing a check for health insurance. This monthly act not only seemed increasingly counterproductive, but to me it bordered on insanity. Research reveals that the medical profession is one of the top five causes of death in this country. Did you know that close to 100,000 people die every year due to medical errors and hospital acquired infections? Prescribed medication and surgery, with a host of side effects of their own, fail to root out the underlying cause of the symptoms and the idea of a “cure” remains allusive. I preferred the idea of spending this money on investing in my well-being by buying organic food, vitamins, herbs, dance classes, beginning a yoga and meditation practice, and so on. 

These new lifestyle choices were a decision to move toward a feeling of trust. I believed in the body’s ability to self heal and I was intent on accessing this information.

I began to believe that by learning how my body functions and how to support its health, I could develop a sense of security in my ability to become self-reliant. The other option was to continue to invest in a medical profession practiced in “sick maintenance” (with a poor batting average), rather than rooting out the cause of the disease and moving toward a cure. I chose to become sovereign.

I had the luxury of canceling my health insurance, as I was fortunate not to have to rely on any medications. I had no known diseases, and though I had a variety of aches and pains, I was in reasonably good health. It felt clear to me that if I continued to throw my money at future damage control for diseases I might suffer from at some point, my fortunate condition of health would likely disintegrate in response to the energy focused in that negative direction. 

Twelve years later I can tell you that canceling my health insurance was the most empowering decision I have ever made. I now have little concern about developing any chronic illness or degenerative disease, because I understand how the body succumbs to ill health. I understand the relationship between food and longevity and what is particularly good for my unique body in order to maintain a healthy balance. I am no longer overweight and rarely even think about how much Iʼm eating in relation to my weight. My energy level is quite high, and the need for napping from exhaustion seems ridiculous to me now. I no longer have joint pain—or any pain for that matter—and I never have any cravings as in the gnawing, nearly uncontrollable sensation that can only be satisfied with some carbohydrate (e.g., sugar or bread). 

I have learned that there is overwhelming evidence that our food choices can be the primary mode of treatment and prevention for chronic illness and disease. Food is the raw material from which our bodies can manufacture what it needs to balance its own chemistry. I now make conscious choices that both taste great and are great for me. These choices instruct my genes to support health and healing – feeding my body, my Spirit and contributing to a healthier planet!


The following two recipes are regulars in my home.  
They will get you off to a fabulous start!

 Joy’s Goji Balls

GojiBallsThese ingredients are all considered superfoods, you’re getting an astronomical amount of nutrition in one ball! Include a green drink in your day and you have consumed a mega amount of nutrition, surpassing all your dietary needs! 2 cups of goji berries (half pulverized in the blender and half left whole)
1 cup of coconut flakes (to be pulverized with goji berries, so berries won’t stick to blades)
1 cup of hemp seeds
1 cup of cacao nibs
1/4 cup of carob powder 
1 cup of coconut oil (melt by sitting closed contained in hot water)
1 tsp of Himilayan Salt Place all of the above in a mixing bowl and mix until ingredients are blended.
Place bowl in fridge for half an hour so the coconut oil hardens (makes it easier to stick together)
Grab a small handful of  mixture and press firmly into a ball. Repeat until finished! They keep for weeks in the fridge,
so make a BIG batch!    

 Green Juice Drink
1 large handful kale
1 large cucumber
2 stalks celery
2 large carrots
1 apple
1 medium lemon Juice all ingredients. Variations (notes from the Intuitive Cook) The intuitive cook alternates the greens to include spinach, other leafy greens, romaine lettuce, parsley and cilantro. Beet, ginger and broccoli stalk are also good to try! Lime can be used instead of lemon and let your intuition guide you to create many variations. 

“Joy Binah has gifted us with a truly remarkable, comprehensive, and inspiring book which serves to enlighten us to the extraordinary health benefits of living foods! Joy, in a non-pedantic fashion, urges all of us to go to health by assuming greater responsibility for our selves, our cells and the planetary ecosystem. Her beautifully written treatise can be summarized as follows… Being conscious of our food choices is an act of self-care and self-love. We all need to realize there is a direct correlation between our food choices and the survival/ health of our beloved planet Earth (Gaia). Our daily food choices provide us with the wonderful opportunity to be truly proactive by supporting eco-agriculature while actualizing for ourselves/cells genuine health and vitality. Through this process of conscious re-education, we have the unprecedented opportunity to fulfill our innate unlimited human/divine potential. This wonderful book delivers the goods and goodies. A must read for every-body!”

Da Vid Raphael MD
Director, The San Francisco Medical Research Foundation Founder, The Light Party
A Wholistic New Political Paradigm Party dedicated to “Health, Peace and Freedom for All”
“If you wish to become or stay healthy, you must read Joy Binah’s book How to Make the Ten Most Nutritious Recipes on the Planet. Not only is it a great vegan cookbook, Joy takes you on her personal journey to better health and shares the many nutritional insights she has discovered on her path to well-being. Her knowledge transcends the pages of this book to her community where she’s volunteering with her local Food Not Bombs group helping with the logistics, recovery, preparation, and the sharing of vegan meals with the hungry of Santa Cruz, California.”

Keith McHenry
Co-Founder, Food Not Bombs
Author of Hungry for Peace
“Informative, engaging, and totally useful, this is a book to savor and to put into action. Combining current medical insights with ancient wisdom, How to Make the Ten Most Nutrious Recipes on the Planet is a potent toolkit for a more vibrant and healthy life.”

Ocean Robbins
CEO, The Food Revolution Network
Co-author, Voices of the Food Revolution