Rooney Crooney’s Second Chance


by Lamura Latae; illustrated by Debbie McReynolds

  • Size : 8 x 10 color
  • No. Pages : 46
  • Published : 2012
  • ISBN : 978-1-935914-20-4
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Product Description

Lamura Latae (E. Lorraine Miller) is a lifetime spiritual teacher and author of several children’s books. She wrote Rooney Crooney’s Second Chance for her grandson, who would cry when his mother left this house until she came home again. After she read this book with him, he never cried again when his mother left.

Lamura’s life purpose is “to help others know the Spirit Within them, Oneness with their Christ Self and to be One with Our Infinite Creator, WHO CREATED US ALL.”

Full color with 30 adorable illustrations.


“I’m going out Rooney,
to play bridge with the girls.”
chimed mom Crooney, as she kissed him
then left in a whirl.

“I don’t want you to go,”
screamed Rooney, as she left.
The babysitter couldn’t calm him,
but she did do her best.