Psyche, Eros and Me: A Mythic Memoir


by Deanna McKinstry-Edwards, PhD

  • Size : 6 x 9
  • No. Pages : 118
  • Published : 2015
  • ISBN : 978-1-935914-63-1

Product Description

The main advantage of this myth (Psyche and Eros) is that it speaks to all times, and so to our times too when the need of the soul is for love and the need of Eros is for Psyche.

—James Hillman, The Myth of Analysis

morpho2“One blustery day in Carmel, the story of two mythical beings blew into my life. Psyche and Eros. Stories often find us when we need them. At a time when much was disappearing and falling apart in my life, the story of Psyche and Eros became a soul map. Like Psyche, I, too, was searching for my Beloved Eros, and for the recovery of instinctual passions that would bring an authentic vitality and creativity to my life as a woman and artist. Engaging the death defying tasks Psyche must accomplish to behold Eros once again, her tale became a powerful guide for the journey a woman often takes to discover and sustain a deepening sense of self and sovereignty, and a voice she can call her own.”


Author_DeannaMcKinstryDeanna McKinstry-Edwards, PhD, is a professional actress, singer, writer, lecturer and Pushcart Prize nominated poet. She holds a doctoral degree in Mythology and Depth Psychology, and teaches courses in Ecopsychology. She resides in Carmel, CA with her husband, renowned voice teacher Robert Edwards, and their two English Setters.



This is a tale that needs be told. For heartache and broken dreams roam the land yearning for that which sweetens and that which mends. From these lamentations Eros is rising, in raiment not dimmed by forgetfulness, banishment, or by time. For Eros knows what only Eros bestows—that love is not a mere moment among mortals. It is the moment we live for! It is sacred energy generating life into more life. It is the heart of the Universe wedding spirit to flesh, when the fires of transformation are kindled. Eros bedews the body with radiance divine. Eros lights the world even unto its darkest realms. But the story is not so simple.

This is an old tale; indeed, it is the human story. We have journeyed far with the chaos and tempestuous music of our beginnings, and what we were once upon a time remains part of who we’ve become and who we might become. Then, as now, our creature-hood needs the flames and the moisture that Eros bestows, arousing us body and soul towards wholeness. Even now we are being called to awaken to Eros. An ally of Eros, Zephyrus, the West Wind, has heard our supplications and rushes towards each of us with his pinions wide and tipped in gold—the gold of transformation. This is the story of Psyche and how she finally found what she wanted most, her Beloved Eros, and her deepest, authentic Self.


In Psyche, Eros and Me, Deanna McKinstry-Edwards has found a fascinating way to tell parts of her life story through the lens of the Psyche and Eros myth. It is very provocative, well written, and I think a book that can help women to examine their own story and find its hidden depths and meaning.

—Ellen Burstyn, Academy Award winning actor, author of Lessons on Becoming Myself


Psyche, Eros, and Me weaves Deanna’s life as an actress, singer, scholar and woman through the myth of Psyche and Eros. It is a poignant and deeply powerful story. In particular, I enjoyed her approach to the complexity and pertinence of women’s issues inherent in this myth, and how the myth of Psyche and Eros continues to connect us to global concerns. A poetic writer, Deanna has a gift for expressing meaning with humor.

—Hendrika de Vries, psychotherapist, author, adjunct professor at Pacifica Graduate Institute


Deanna McKinstry-Edwards’ Psyche, Eros, and Me weaves the story of her soul’s search for full blossoming into a rich tapestry. Armed with an artist’s equipment, she also has the psychologist’s ability to analyze her life choices and ultimately to follow her intuition home to Eros. The myth of Psyche and Eros is her Virgil, the steadfast companion who guides her through the Dark Wood. It is a journey many artists make. As a fellow voyager, my own career benefited from the journey. I only wish I had had Deanna’s insights to help straighten out the road.

—Barbara Babcock, Emmy Award winning actor and author


Deanna McKinstry-Edwards’ exhilarating Psyche, Eros, and Me personalizes the classic myth, making her own story and the myth an immensely entertaining adventure. I found myself immediately drawn into the story, identifying how deeply the quest for Eros has played out in my own life as a woman and an artist. I sense many people will see and find themselves in this treasure trove, and like me, will be unable to put it down until fully read.

—Melanie Gendron, artist and author of The Gendron Tarot, and This Fool’s Journey Through the Tarot’s 22 Major Arcana.


Truthfulness, along with the creative craftsmanship to get to the core of experience, always empower important writing. Psyche, Eros, and Me by Deanna McKinstry-Edwards fulfills both requirements in abundance. Her exploration of the great Greek myth is perfect and thoroughly engaging, as she affirms how we all have to deal with the smoke and mirrors, and—in the words of Dylan Thomas—the “dismays and rainbows” of our own unfolding personal myths as visitors to this existence. Deanna’s writing has vitality, depth, and a real freshness. It creates reader-identification and causes ripples in one’s own searching thoughts. Her book of going into “the back of the wardrobe” does not just serve her, but also, like all necessary literature, it serves all of us, women and men.

—Peter Thabit Jones, Welsh poet, author of the Dylan Thomas Walking Tour of Greenwich Village


From her New England girlhood to her coming of age at the Pasadena Playhouse, through establishing her career in Hollywood and a whole life beyond, the story of Psyche, Eros, and Me is Deanna’s to be told. Her voice rings clear and true. Deanna has lived Psyche and Eros, and in this book she brings the myth as it may and must be brought forth into the 21st century.

—John Dotson, poet, playwright, multiple-media artist