Co-Creating Prayerful Living


by Bobbie Spivey

a Living As Prayer™ handbook

  • Size : 5.5 x 8.5
  • No. Pages : 42
  • Published : 2018
  • ISBN : 2370000451668 available publisher direct

Product Description

Author Bobbie Spivey tells the story of her frustrating early years of motherhood and her discovery of Unity and New Thought teachings that changed her life in profound ways.  The best guidance is often the most simple:  “Begin with today. Make this the best day. And tomorrow, make it the best day, too. You can’t do anything about yesterday. You can’t change it. You can only live each day being the best you can be.”  Spivey encourages us to discover, “Your Angels will appear when you need them.  This is a Truth Statement.  You can depend on it – bet your whole world on it.  And this is true, even if you haven’t lived an exemplary life.” This little booklet guides us to wake up and expect wondrous happenings in our day, and then watch to see what Love brings into our life.

“I  remind myself that there is no place that God cannot be – and then I go looking for God. I seek out the tiny pieces of goodness / God-ness and when I find that spark of Light, I envision it growing and shining and beaming its goodness out into the darkness where it happens to be hidden.”  Bobbie has learned to pay attention to the little things, like the delight she finds in cloud formations like those shared in this booklet.  “I am happier to recognize that all the world is alive around me – and that I am an integral part of this wonderful thing called Life.”

Each one of us is part of the WHOLE, and our thoughts have an impact on everyone and everything around us. We have the ability to drop in our Heart space and offer prayers of encouragement and healing to others and for our world.  We can practice radiating Peace and God’s goodness.


Spivey_photoBobbie Spivey’s passion for prayer has been a part of her life since childhood.  As a precocious child, she was severely burned at the age of three and not expected to live. Bobbie’s grandmother taught her to pray and to know the truth of her being. During the nine months in the hospital, Bobbie taught the other children in the hospital ward not only how to pray – but to believe and know that prayer works. 

Bobbie studied piano from age 6 through 13; she has danced all her life in various styles including modern and ethnic cultures. Her writing expands several genres in music and words; and she lives in California with her husband of over 50 years.  Both their children are teachers – one at university and the other in first grade.

Studying for her masters’ degree in Community and Family Counseling brought Bobbie full circle to rediscover her spirituality and purpose.

Being introduced to Unity and its teachings was the “open window” through which Bobbie found her path in life. She discovered she already knew the messages that Unity teaches – they were part of her beginnings and are now recognized as part of her being-ness. 

She took training for the Unity Prayer Chaplaincy in 2001, has extended her services to become a Trainer and Coordinator in two Sacramento CA Unity churches and has been invited by Unity ministers to lead meditation sessions and teach prayer classes. Unity of Roseville (shepherded by Rev. Mary Lacalle) is Bobbie’s spiritual home – and Living as Prayer is her ministry.



The first moment I wake in the morning I try to fill my mind and heart with thanksgiving.  I bless the day and breathe in the Christ Light and Healing Energy that awaits me.  This first step places me on the right pathway and the rest of the day flows beautifully. If I happened to bring a disturbing dream forward into my consciousness, or a worrisome thought that lingered before I went to sleep, I can begin the day with lots of static in my body and mind.  My energy field will be sputtering and missing connections. 

So I really try to go to sleep with a mind clear of troubling thoughts and a body filled with peace.

God’s Healing Energy flows through my body with each breath I take.  I envision breathing warm and loving energy over a banked fire in the center of my being.  As this healing air flows over the coals of the fire, it sparks it up – bringing the energy to full life. Then it flows through each sinew, each vessel and organ, through the bones and tissues into the individual cells.  I visualize them awakening and remembering their perfect design, how they were created to work in perfect harmony with each other, clarifying, stabilizing, energizing every aspect they were designed to be. 

Children in Unity are taught a little song (to the tune of Mama’s Little Baby Loves Shortnen’): “Every little cell in my body is healthy; every little cell in my body is whole; every little cell in my body is happy; every little cell in my body is well.”

Sometimes the words are a little different – and Yoga instructors teach their young students movements and verses to illustrate the song.  But the purpose is the same; and it goes like this.

Thoughts we hold in our mind – the thoughts we plant in our brains – have a direct effect and affect to how our lives turn out. One of our Unity Principles says it this way:  “Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.”

It really doesn’t matter how you say it – as long as you recognize the Truth of it.  We are what we ingest, whether it is the food we eat or the thoughts we think. So, I choose to plant the seeds of health and carefully till around them so that they grow and blossom. 

And when I feel a twinge of pain or discomfort instead of immediately anticipating something terrible is going to happen to me – I mentally check within and re-strengthen the healing energy thoughts:  I am whole, I am healthy, I am blessed.

Yes, I have my regular checkups with my doctor and pay attention to his advice; but my true healing energy source is the Christ Light that dwells within at all times.  And you have it too.


Review from 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published BOOK AWARDS

This insightful and inspiring pamphlet may be just the thing anyone, at any given moment, will breathe a sigh of relief for having in their hands. Spivey hooks the reader’s attention with her searingly honest appraisal of her life before she learned how to co-create prayerful living. She has tremendous courage for confessing her feelings and the fact that she needed some sort of miracle, a complete shift in perspective.

Someone’s prayers must have helped her because after a long, long spell living without spirituality, she came home to it. From that moment onwards, Spivey reveals she learned how to seek and find the help she needed to confront the daily chores and frustrations that did not disappear.

She found angels when she prayed for them, and she learned to see goodness. It was her re-awakening to God that helped her find goodness all around her, even in the simplest daily things like clouds. For example, there is a beautiful piece of advice about wrapping words that come from someone else, possibly to hurt us, in a soft blanket of compassion.

This lovely little work shows a way to reassess the world, bringing one to a place of peace. While it emphasizes a Christian perspective, it would no doubt be found insightful by readers of many faiths.