My Mother – Myself: Glimpses into the Complicated Mother-Daughter Relationship


Compiled by Billie Ruth Hopkins Furuichi, Bobbie Hopkins Spivey & Edy Henderson

  • Size: 6 x 9 with bios of the contributors
  • No. Pages: 166
  • Published: 2015
  • ISBN: 978-1-935914-58-7


In this collection of engaging stories, 16 women authors, some of them previously-published, reflect on heart-warming and heart-wrenching aspects of their relationship with their mothers.

The editors, all published writers and experienced speakers, have shared “mother stories” with each other over a period of more than thirty years. They have found that each story opens doors of perception to the recognition that we all have bonding and dissolving, deepening and disheartening, transforming and traumatic, healing and hateful encounters with our mothers. Our individual experiences combine to describe a collective and recognizable whole – an archetypal portrait of Mother and Daughter – emerging in much the same way that gathered shards from a broken mirror illuminate a whole reflection. In the process of accepting the finality of our mothers’ lives, we realize that all women have powerful stories to share.

Contributors to the book are: Artress Cornmesser, Donna Owen Hopkins Ellis, Roseanna Frechette, Elizabeth French, Billie Ruth Hopkins Furuichi, Edy Henderson, Kathe Kokolias, Nina Boyd Krebs, Debra Madison, Betty Sanderson Owen, Ruth Owen Puchek, Charla K. Rotter, Jerrine Minkus Rowley, Bobbie Hopkins Spivey, Nora J. Stone, Lisa Swallow



Authors (sisters) Billie and Bobbie

Authors (sisters) Billie and Bobbie

Bobbie Hopkins Spivey

Bobbie is a published prize-winning author of short stories who earned her MA in Family Counseling by developing a children’s workshop project combining dance, music, painting, story and sand play to encourage the appreciation of diversity and recognition of the commonality in various cultures’ art forms. As a counselor and workshop presenter, she emphasized communication and discovery of each person’s unique gifts. She considers her own unique gifts as just another blessing to add to that of having survived a nine-month hospital stay after a childhood accidental burning. Bobbie won a scholarship at the age of five to study piano under the tutelage of Dr. Antonia Brico; and competed in master classes with her contemporary, Judy Collins, until the age of thirteen, when Bobbie switched to voice lessons. She considers herself blessed to have had the opportunity to attend her first two years of college and live in Mexico, where the family learned the language by living it daily in a small village. From a background of ballet and modern dance, Bobbie moved into the area of ethnic dancing as a young adult, teaching interpretative movement and expanding it into liturgical dance presentations. Bobbie acknowledges the gift of her roots, from the multi-layered opportunities offered her to the legacy of believing in oneself and reaching out to others. She lives in Sacramento, California with her husband of over fifty years, proudly proclaims the accomplishments of her two adult children, and spoils her grandson, every chance she gets.

Billie Ruth Hopkins Furuichi

Billie is an Art Activist, a songwriter, a poet, a dancer, a musician and a teacher. She has been a bilingual community liaison in both Denver, Colorado and Brookings, Oregon, facilitating an original seminar series, Angelita’s Wings, which includes a workshop for youth at risk, Breathing Through Walls, using the Transformation Wheel.™ Her work interweaves movement meditation, sacred dance, silk painting, writing haiku, original music and reframing techniques. Billie Ruth is the founder of One Society International, a non-profit organization conducting student exchange programs to Japan and the former Soviet Union, and she has organized and traveled as the youth support and leadership director on twelve of these exchanges. Her nature is to celebrate cultural differences and to mediate misunderstandings – an ability, strengthened by her twenty two-year marriage to Isamu, a Japanese Master Chef whom she met while teaching English in Japan. In addition to being a widely published poet, Billie Ruth has also developed technical training documents for maintenance of underground telephone cables, and is currently working on a new book, When the Red Thread Breaks. A recent widow, Billie Ruth is the Writing Center Coordinator at Crescent Valley High School in Corvallis, Oregon.

Author Edy
Author Edy

 Edy Henderson (1945-2013)

Edy utilized her science background to write a feminist science fiction novel, so radical that she needed a pseudonym for self protection. Anyone who “Googles” Edy Henderson will discover she was an internationally recognized computer scientist who, as a strategic analyst for AOL, helped mold the direction of internet governance and protocols that power the web. A pioneer of new technologies, Edy had written articles and taught courses in computer graphics, telephony, and “How to Make $ on the Internet”. She traveled to Japan and Europe to work on collaborative science projects and international standards. Edy led the development of web servers and search engines at AOL, and managed software development at Sun Microsystems, Schlumberger, and NASA. She also played violin for the San Jose Symphony, acted as Artistic Advisor for the Santa Cruz Symphony and studied Indonesian Gamelan music. As VP of, Edy oversaw website development, operations, graphics, E-commerce, Customer Support, and did some fashion modeling, while volunteering and raising funds for the American Cancer Society and YWCA. She authored a vegan cookbook, while she and her husband enjoyed spending time with their two grown children and competing with their grandson at PlayStation. Edy’s degree was in Mathematics and Spanish; and she is listed in Who’s Who of American Women.

“Ah, how quickly the hands on the clock circle toward the future we thought was far away! And how soon we become our mothers.”

—Peggy Toney Horton, Somewhere in Heaven My Mother is Smiling


“…several stories touched my heart. Our grandmothers and mothers leave a lasting legacy in our lives.”

—Carol Schroder, Poppy’s Blue Apron


“I was very impressed with how mindfully the book was put together. Reading each person’s story reminded me of my own experiences with my mother. This brought back memories from the past and how I no longer have to be paralyzed from all the trauma and hurts that I had experienced. I know that my mother did the very best she could at the time.”

—Cheryl Huizar, M.A. My Walk with A Man and His Cane