A Moment in Time: Book Two – A Burdened Dream


by Steve D. Wilson

  • Size: 6 x 9
  • No. Pages: 296
  • Published: 2011
  • ISBN: 978-1-935914-04-4


  • Vignettes

  • The Valley of Wilderness

  • Articles

  • Prose and Poetry

The collected writings of Dr. Steve Wilson continue in Book Two – A Burdened Dream. Vignettes include the author’s journal of his adventure in the wilds of Mexico, an exploration into the life and tragic death of Robert Moran, and poignant moments of sharing with nature. The Valley of Wilderness, put together from a manuscript discovered by Dr. Wilson in his Forest Service days written at the height of gold profiteering in California, tells a spellbinding tale of nobility and brutality in the wild west.Dr. Wilson’s articles address scientific topics such as Why do Light Rays Bend?, The Origin of the Universe, Orbital Emissions, Cohesion Theory, Cosmology, and Gravity among many others.  His prose flows through themes as varied as Conscience to Intellectual Advancement, Fragments of Life, Happiness, Peace, Nostalgia and Idealism. And last, but not least, his poetry is lyrical and poignant.

Savor this book as you enjoy the fruits of a life well-lived!


Author_ParadiseParkDr. Steve Wilson has enjoyed a richly varied life as a scientist, inventor, university professor, artist, and chronicler of life. He holds a PhD in Biophysics and pursued a postdoctoral fellowship and research supported by numerous grants and scholarships. His inventions include the Particle Trap, high resolution 3D microscopes, and solar collectors. His research, inventions, and theories are highlighted on the website of the Western Research Institute (www.wriinc.com), a foundation he established to promote the work of scientists in support of the advancing new millennium.


The whole scene which greets my eyes,
in some strange mode I recognize.
As one whose every mystic part.
I feel prefigured in my heart.