The Living Light: Readings to Illumine Your Life


Reverend Helice Greene

  • Size: 5.5" x 8.5" full color
  • No. Pages: 68
  • Published: 2019
  • ISBN: 2370000623270
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You stand on Holy Ground and you are here to
give expression to the Living Light which seeks
to guide you as you plant seeds of Good in the
Eternal Fields of Living culminating in the
Great Harvest continually unfolding.

Speaker and author Rev. Helice Greene has been a student of Unity for nearly 50 years. This beautiful little full-color booklet of readings is a testament to the power of New Thought vision and teachings, expressed through the heart of Rev. Helice:

The Living Light: One Cosmic Light guides deeper patterns of creation bringing implicit order to Universal Creation, culminating in the Divine Blueprint for Humankind. “One Light that lightens each soul.” The Light guides us on our journey of soul awakening and fulfillment of our Divine Nature.

The LIVING LIGHT moves in and through the vibrations of mortal thinking, quickening high vibrations and radiates from us as a dynamic force drawing to us our greatest possibilities and spiritual vision. Intuition guides us and we become more sensitive to unseen/elevated ideas and thoughts.

Light distinguishes between real/unreal; darkness transmuted into more refined patterns of energy that transcends time and touches experiences and circumstances. “Let there be Light.” In the beginning there is One Presence, Principle, Mind, Life, Substance, Wisdom and Energy.

         You are the Light of the World… Let your Light Shine.

Rev. Helice Greene inspires us to action:

Let’s move beyond the place of talking about truth in our lives. Every day let our convictions be proven by our actions, daily exercising our abilities and talents, rejoicing in love and understanding with others, letting our lives demonstrate the peace and goodwill that we seek to live by.


Reverend Helice Greene, was ordained a Unity minister in 1982, dedicated to the search to explore and express the hidden Source and Power within every person. Because of her dedication, many have found for themselves a way of life that has been fulfilling and successful.

Following ordination, she served Unity of Fairfax in Virginia for ten years. During this time the congregation supported the purchase of additional property for expansion. In 1992, she was invited to serve Unity of Oak Park, developing a dynamic team ministry and a field for a continuing education program for individuals seeking leadership and accreditation as Unity teachers. She retired in 2017 following 25 years of service.

Reverend Greene has served as a telephone prayer worker for Silent Unity and as a counselor at the Unity Village Counseling Center. During her ministerial career, she served Unity School and Association of Christianity and Unity churches for many years.

Reverend Greene has a degree in Counseling and Religious studies. As a family counselor for many years, she integrated spiritual approaches empowering individuals in living the abundant life.



Emerson defines creative responsibility when he writes, “One man pins me to the wall, while with the other, I walk among the stars.” Do you know the feeling? Some people seem to lift us up, inspire us, bring out our best. These people multiply creativity, they encourage growth and stimulate progress.

Probably we can look back over our lives and remember individuals who did just that — helped us, inspired us, encouraged us, and this still influences us. They are people who helped us walk among the stars.

We have that opportunity to encourage those around us, to help others to walk among the stars, to dream dreams, to find themselves, do good work, to leave their mark.

Everyone responds to praise and encouragement, and today there are those around us who may be facing life’s challenges, may be experiencing a difficulty or feeling confused or lonely. Probably we need not look very far.

Let us leave our mark — let us help others to dream dreams, find themselves, to do good work — to leave their mark.

Let us walk together among the stars.


Great people are often described as people of vision. This seems to suggest that they have the ability to see beyond the everyday to greater possibilities.

Often we may forget that the same abilities of vision are within each of us. The creative power of our imagination shapes our daily experiences. What we first imagine, or see in mind, becomes the seeds that come forth as experiences. The ability to imagine or envision helps to develop our entire life process.

Whatever we see in the world today was first a thought, an image, a vision…then it became a reality. What we focus our imagination upon, with faith, begins to take shape and form in the physical world.

This visionary process is like the early sketches of an architect before beginning to gather the material that is necessary for the building or structure to be constructed. Often there are corrections made in the early sketches until the plan or process becomes more substantial and in greater detail.

Our ideas and plans become the building materials of our lives. We begin to build on these ideas and the physical results come forth accordingly. Thought by thought, image by image, step by step, we build the structure of our lives much like we have imagined it would be.

We experience happiness and freedom as we know that we are not bound by limitations of the past. Our vision propels us forward. Our lives are changed as we see all things as containing a blessing from God.