The Journey of One


Jenifer Marie

  • Size : 5.5 x 8.5
  • No. Pages : 110
  • Published : 2017
  • ISBN : 978-1-935914-77-8

Product Description

Have you ever wondered, is there something more?  Is there something more to life? Is there something more to suffering and pain?  Is there something more to who I am?


Our entire lives are spent searching, climbing, striving—only to wake up one day utterly exhausted. It is at this point we truly surrender and come to realize we are that which we have been searching for. We know ourselves as already whole and perfect when at last we unlearn the lies about ourselves we have been programmed with and remember the truth of who we really are.  How different my life would have been if, as a little girl, someone would have whispered to me, “Relax little one —you are already everything you need to be and there is boundless potential within you that will bless the world.”

Instead, most of us spend a good portion of our lives fighting to discover and finally reclaim that which we were born with but were conditioned to forget.  This change is usually precipitated when life presents us with an ah-ha moment, a wake-up call — which only happens when you are ready or so past done (which is a more pleasant way of saying you’ve landed face down in the carpet) that you need to be shocked back into holiness.

I have always had a knowing there was something more…

Jenifer Marie is a writer, poet, free thinker, teacher, and mother.  She is a lover of words and of life.  She is a creative intuitive with a strong desire for Truth.

“I AM”

I am more than what I see… more than what I think…
and more than I can imagine.

I am full of beauty and grace awaiting exposure.  I am life in all its fullness.  I am all that I need inside… strong… determined… and ready!

I am LOVE.  LOVE in its realest form because it dwells in the walls of my soul…
Penetrates the chambers of my heart… and projects through my every
action, word, or thought.

I am an amazing woman… demonstrating the characteristics all women contain, but fail to reveal.

I am enough… in everything I do… everything I say…
And in all I dream.

~Jenifer Marie


The Journey of One is a reflection of life lessons experienced by one person, culminating in the realization that when we recognize the “big picture,” we can learn and move on instead of scratch-repeat like one of those old LP records that, stuck in a groove, keeps repeating over and over.  In this book, I share my awareness of my lessons— which are a reflection of the ONE —presented through my own truth and understanding.  We can overcome and move beyond those things that hold us captive in life by learning from each other’s lessons. We learn that there are no mistakes, only life lessons that bruise and beckon us to continue to grow.  By giving in to my own process, I discovered that when I reflect on this life and recognize that there is a bigger purpose for all of this, I can choose to heal and I can choose to love; which in turn gives others the choice to heal and to love.  When you accept the Journey of One invitation, you acknowledge that you are ready to let go of the negative thought patterns about your life, about yourself, your poor choices up until this point, and you begin the process of peeling back the layers to learn the lessons necessary to move on. 

My prayer is that this book will help you discover the beauty that is between your breaths and that you have a glorious purpose: to bless this world with your  I AM presence, beginning right now.  You are no longer bound by your past or held hostage by your future. You are in this beautiful moment now, that we share, in order to discover the something more within your story, which I already know is Amazing, Divine, and Exciting because God created you as such.  So as we move forward together, grow together, cry together, write together, know that I am learning with you daily.  It is the innocence of being human that renders us all equal and nudges us to remember and reclaim ourselves.  We all must master and overcome this life, this mind, to Be who we are.  It is not about the ones who we ”thought” hurt us or attempted to destroy us, as a key part of our process is to move and grow beyond judgment. 

Today, we are beginning to create our world from love not fear.  As we move through the chapters of this book together, you will recognize that I have shifted from manifesting life experiences based in fear to creating my world by loving consciously.  In the past, it was the not knowing that kept me in ignorance (a state of ignoring the truth), but even in the dark one can choose to light the eternal flame within the soul, rising to higher consciousness to see the world anew.  Today, in our new state of awareness, we accept our lives as our classroom and we see those in our lives—our teachers or our students —as all having a Divine purpose; and we give thanks for it all without judgment.   

When the understanding surpasses the circumstance, then the healing can take place.

~Jenifer Marie