Getting There: Journeys and Learnings in the Dance of Life


Annie Elizabeth Porter

  • Size: 7.44 x 9.69 with b/w images
  • No. Pages: 220
  • Published: November 2016
  • ISBN: Available publisher direct only


This collection has existed in preliminary version for many years. The process of compiling this work into a book has brought completion and closure to a chapter of my life. I stand in awe of the rapid dissolution of everything in this world we believe to be real, including and especially myself. So this collection is a little dalliance into appreciating the fleeting and beautiful transitory nature of this life.
I encourage you, dear reader, to experience deeply the treasures of your existence!
All is so fleeting, so utterly precious…


annie-pic2Annie Elizabeth is committed to fostering deeper knowledge and understanding of the Nature of Existence. She is an intuitive counselor and practitioner of Pranic Healing (healing through cleansing and activation of life force energy). She loves to assist authors of spiritual and self-help books to complete and publish their work.

In her early life, Annie Elizabeth earned two master’s degrees: the first in Biology and the second in Teaching English as a Second Language. She was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, living and working for four years in Sri Lanka and Japan, where she immersed herself in Buddhist thought and practice. Her interest in health and healing then led her to Stanford School of Medicine, where after 19 years she retired as the Assistant Dean for Medical Education.

In 2006, she and her husband David established The River Sanctuary as a spiritual gathering place in Felton, California. Since that time, Annie and David have organized and taught many book-focused discussion groups and hosted ceremonies and gatherings of all kinds. In 2013, a Spirit Temple was completed on the property that provides a home for the “divine Beings” who oversee this blessed place and those who gather there.



There is an essential quality of perfection that begs to be excavated in every expression of existence – this is the precious aliveness held within our stories. There are moments in life when time strangely stops and a story or a picture of life is experienced as perfect, free of any judgment of its goodness or badness, wrongness or rightness, could haves or should haves. It is in this spirit that these writings are

I was blessed to be born as the second child (first daughter) in a secure and happy family sustained in wellbeing by the hard work of the patriarch of the household, our surgeon father. The eldest son Richard followed in our father’s footsteps to pursue a career as a vascular surgeon. The youngest child Barbara trained as a nurse with focus in infectious disease, married a surgeon (Michael) and is now a devoted mom to four children (all girls). My second brother John and I were strongly influenced by events and awakenings of the sixties and seventies, drawing us to explore less traveled paths.

This collection documents a period of internal and external transformation in my life over an eight-year period that kicked into full force with my fiftieth birthday. Events in that transition included a painful collapse of my second marriage after 14 years, the dissolution of my 19-year administrative career with Stanford medical school, a stint of activism with the Sierra Club, a spiritual awakening brought by New Thought and Mental Science teachings, teaming up with my new partner David for the next phase of our souls’ unfoldment, getting a new name and creating a new life “over the hill” in Felton on the Santa Cruz peninsula. Oh yes, and undertaking training in energetic healing arts, writing my book Affirmations for Everyday Living and launching ourselves as independent book publishers.

Herein are the stories of shadow characters and mirages of emotion that danced through my heart during those years, receding into the clouds of memory even as they remain intertwined with my soul. Such is the ephemeral nature of all experiences in this life, particularly the experience of that most elusive shadow character known as “myself.”