Dreamscape (poems)


by Joyce Keller

  • Size : 6 x 9 perfect bound
  • No. Pages : 32
  • Published : 2013
  • ISBN : 978-1-935914-33-4
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Product Description

JOYCE KELLER MS is a retired psychotherapist and a published poet. Her work has appeared in Poet’s West, the Blue Moon Review, So To Speak Journal, La Gazette, and Encore Magazine. She teaches creative writing in Santa Cruz, California.

Chew Wisely

Bite down on life.
Take in the cobalt blue of the sky
along with that strawberry.
Feel them slide down your throat,
tingling together.
Fill your belly with pleasure.

Bite down on life, when someone dies,
chew nails, gnash your teeth and scream.
Breathe in thunderstorms.
Breathe out tornados.
Eat watermelon

Bite down on life, chew wisely.
Roll those words around in your mouth
before you say them.
Notice the words that sting.
Spit them out quickly.

Enjoy the words that are as cool
and round as pearls.
Say them often.
Savor the words that are dark
and rich like chocolate.
Swallow them whole.