A Curious Pebble: The Hollow Earth and Pursuit of the Holy Lance


David DiPietro Weiss
with Danny L. Weiss

  • Size: 6 x 9
  • No. Pages: 230
  • Published: 2017
  • ISBN: 978-1-935914-78-5


Historical legends of the Hollow Earth, the Holy Lance, the mysteries of Antarctica, Iceland, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, and Nazi Germany are woven together in this fantastical fiction story filled with fact and ripe with intrigue. Garrett is a young American who leaves his homeland to resist the Vietnam War, landing in Iceland where he meets his soulmate Gugga and settles into family life in this strange and wonderful land. Garrett’s destiny carries him on an amazing adventure of idealism and intrigue as his fate connects him with inhabitants of the inner earth.


David_authorDavid DiPietro Weiss is co-founder of River Sanctuary Publishing. His published thesis chronicled the Nuremberg Trials after WW II which led to his quest in understanding the scope of Nazi fascination with the folklore of the Hollow Earth and the Holy Lance. His provocative books and SoulTalk essays seek to open new vistas of exploration into the deeper nature of who we are as human beings.


Dan photoDanny L. Weiss is the author of The Hollow Earth, Revisited. His researches into the efficacy of Hollow Earth legends led him to interview and befriend a crewmember of the Nazi submarine U-530, who allegedly delivered the Holy Lance, Hitler’s body ashes, and Nazi artifacts to Antarctica in 1945. Much of this novel is based on the author’s association with the crew member, the family of Admiral Byrd, and extensive Icelandic dialogues regarding Nordic legends.      www.hollowearthresearch.org


Chapter 2, pgs 13 – 15

. . . Young Ollie Hill, a very competent and loyal naval officer, was shocked that Admiral Byrd called him by his first name and surprised by the Admiral’s sharing Operation Highjump information with him. But he recognized that Byrd was showing his human side after spending so much quality time together, and was demonstrating his personal bond with him. Often the Admiral would ask Ollie personal and intimate questions about his family, his background, and his philosophy of life. At times Byrd would share tidbits about his own life. Having the famous Admiral Byrd say that he felt toward him as a son further swelled Ollie’s pride, loyalty, and admiration for this wondrous man.

     “Don’t be so shocked!” Byrd asserted. “I call all my trusted friends by their first names. Don’t you?”

     “Well, yes sir . . . but you’re the . . . “


     “Yes sir. I don’t think I can call you anything else.”

     The Admiral patted Ollie’s knee amicably and said, “That’s O.K. son, you can call me whatever feels comfortable for you. But we’ll be leaving for the States soon and I’ve come to regard you as my only true confidant.”

     “Thank you Sir. You don’t know what an honor it is to have you say that. And you must know that my admiration and loyalty to you is truly genuine.”

    “I know that about you, Ollie . . . and the day may come when that loyalty will be severely tested.”

    Hill looked at Byrd quizzically, but didn’t respond because the Admiral had just abruptly made a mid-course maneuver for which Hill wasn’t prepared. Ollie grabbed his seat for stability and tried to get his bearings from the jolt of the sudden lurch of the airplane. A bright and blinding light covered the split windshield. Ollie was momentarily blinded and averted his eyes.

     As Hill regained his regular vision, and the light settled off the plane’s windshield, what he saw next was so incredible and unbelievable that he was speechless and almost panicky. His excited and broken words blurted out an octave higher than his normal voice.

     “Admiral, what the hell was that?”

     Byrd didn’t immediately answer and appeared very calm. To the port side of the plane was a strange circular craft keeping pace with them, and in which was a man staring back at the two of them! Both occupants were able to see the distinct face of the craft’s pilot, an obviously tall and blonde-haired humanoid, with strong Nordic features. The craft hovered next to them for a frozen instant with the alien pilot’s smiling face very apparent and clear to both of them.

     The Admiral, still calm but much more animated than usual, was grinning and, to the amazement of Hill, waved to the craft’s pilot as the man waved back in greeting. The craft disappeared abruptly in what seemed like a microsecond – even more quickly than it had appeared.

     Hill was absolutely nonplussed and dumbfounded by what he just witnessed. Stammering, he exclaimed, “You KNEW that man. He waved to you!”

     Admiral Byrd looked over to his young officer, smiled and quietly whispered in a low, calm, and very sincere voice, “Ollie, I wasn’t planning on testing your trust so soon. It appears that you and I will need to have a serious talk.

Chapter 16, pg. 187

As Ritter Von Zant placed the Lance in Garrett’s outstretched palms, the impact on the young man’s body and consciousness was profound. An inner awareness, ignited by the ancient mystic power of the Holy Lance, sent waves of supernatural vibrations throughout his entire being. Garrett had felt the sensation of being transported to another world, one of images and understandings of another dimension, a dimension uncluttered by thought or relativity. He entered a place of clarity and universal knowledge far beyond that which he had ever countenanced. His mind transcended the time and space of physical existence and took him to the dimension of creation, the same mystical time-pace reality that the Holy Order had invoked. Garrett’s last conscious vision was the fixed gaze from the piercing, deep blue eyes of the Grand Master as Garrett accepted the Holy Lance into his hands. At that moment he knew his life would never be the same.