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River Sanctuary Publishing is pleased to announce the release of an updated website that includes lots of new information and guidance for those who are ready to become published authors. (Please visit:

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We publish mainly in the genres of spirituality, wellness and healing, metaphysics, self-help and inspirational, and also poetry, memoirs and fiction that are uplifting in nature. We’ve published beautiful full-color children’s books as well. Visit our website to see the full range of genres we have published. (

Write Your Heart Out!

At some point in this Earthly walk, it becomes clear that the reason we came is to create stories, to share stories, to sculpt our life into the best story it can be. Each one of us is a precious spark of individuated divine Love, and as such, every story has magic and grandeur in its uniqueness.

The treasure that is YOU was born for a brief tenure in this world – and this corporeal identity evaporates into the ALL upon leaving. And yet, the imprint that you made, the story that was YOU makes an impression in the ONE MIND now and always.

Undertaking the writing of your personal story – whatever it is you have to say – is transformational beyond what any therapeutic regimen might accomplish. When you look deeply into your soul and begin to touch your story, you engage the magical process whereby you become your own best friend, your dearest and most compassionate companion, and you may even discover THE BELOVED – the ultimate dance partner that is the Divine YOU. It is a gift beyond understanding…

New Release: William Sun’s THE BLUE

New Release: William Sun’s THE BLUE

River Sanctuary Publishing presents its newest release, a 300-page work of fiction entitled THE BLUE, by local author William Sun. The book is an action-filled adventure as well as a romantic escapade, with an introspective dimension to it. Sheryl Jansen is a 30-year old who’s been sent by her father to Athens, Greece, to work in the Embassy under a family friend who is heading up the Intelligence Division. The story begins at her boyfriend’s villa in the Greek islands. She takes a swim and encounters Andre Bell, an architect from San Francisco, who is there on holiday. When Sheryl swims under water, she gets into a sort of trance state she denotes as blueSheryl. Andre is a spiritual seeker-junkie type of guy—folks in Santa Cruz can easily relate to him. Those two characters get caught up with a host of other colorful figures in a story involving artifact laundering, a terrorist plot, and romantic intrigue. The story reaches a couple of different climaxes near the end that are interesting, to say the least.

Ron Lampi — prolific author and poet

Ron Lampi — prolific author and poet

With more than 10 books and 20 more manuscripts in his collection, there is no question that Ron Lampi has accessed and lives in devotion to Psyche, the muse of creativity. This year, he conducted a series of workshops on awakening and embracing one’s highest creative potential. Says Lampi, “Creativity is the birthright of all. This is a workshop for artists of all genres and all creative persons who want to take their creativity to another level. It is for those who want to apply a constantly creative way of being to any area of life. The practice of creativity can be a spiritual path.”

Why NOW is the best time to publish!

River Sanctuary Publishing is proud to offer book development services to new and aspiring writers as well as experienced authors. We are a Santa Cruz County digital publishing firm whose specialty is working hand-in-hand with our clients.

Your hosts and publishers, Annie Elizabeth Porter and David DiPietro Weiss, are ready to assure your complete satisfaction through the myriad of services offered to publish your dream project. Our personal service, professional layout and beautifully custom-designed covers is complimented by low printing costs. We all have a story to tell … Let us help you share it with the world! Namaste! D & E

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Thoughts On Being A Writer / Author

Thoughts On Being A Writer / Author

Annie: Writing is addictive and writers are as passionate as any other artists are about their work. In the process of writing, we have an opportunity to meld with a Higher Power and work in the most satisfying way possible in this human experience. How do you handle “writer’s block?” Use a prayer, a ritual (e.g., light a candle) and invite your voice to come through; always carry a notebook and tape recorder. Beginning is the hardest part! After that, it’s just getting yourself to sit down and tune in. Writing is one of the best ways to get in touch with that “voice inside your head” that yearns to co-create with you. So, through writing we deepen our connection with Source.