NEW RELEASE... Sundances by Climbing Sun

Sundances_CoverThrough these “prose poems,” William Climbing Sun shares glimpses into his years in 1970s counter-culture scene traversing hungrily onward into life with precious moments of joy, tragedy, challenge and through it all, awakening.

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NEW RELEASE The Elemental Goddess

Elemental Goddess coverMelanie Gendron shares her deep knowledge of the primordial and eternal Feminine Principle with stunning images of the goddess in her many guises.

I trust that God/dess makes my life Good for only Goodness is real.

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NEW from David DiPietro Weiss

A Curious PebbleHistorical legends of the Hollow Earth, the Holy Lance, the mysteries of Antarctica, Iceland, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, and Nazi Germany are woven together in this fantastical fiction story filled with fact and ripe with intrigue.  A sequel is in the making!

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FEATURED BOOK... God Is: Ending Hell with A Course in Miracles

GodIs_CoverIn this masterful explication of A Course in Miracles, brother hermit shares his struggle with depression and leads us to remember…

“God is inevitable, and you cannot avoid Him any more than He can avoid you.”

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 weiss-soultalkCheck out our Soul Talk series

Create your own booklets… inexpensive enough to give away!  Have FUN!!!

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NEW RELEASE  Dreaming the Light by Melanie Gendron Dreaming the Light            
NEW RELEASE Angelita (SoulTalk booklet) by Billie Ruth Furuichi angelita cover  
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River Sanctuary Publishing provides the interface for you to receive and sell copies of your books through our print partner, Lightning Source, a division of Ingram Inc. which is the largest digital book printer and distributor in the USA. Your book files are uploaded and made available for sale through our account with Lightning Source. You receive immediate earnings for any books you buy wholesale and sell yourself. River Sanctuary Publishing receives monies for any sales of your books made through the various channels, and mails a profit statement and payment to you quarterly.

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Now is the perfect time to begin planning for the release of your book.  You’ll want to think through how you will use this book release to promote yourself or your business.  Or perhaps your goal is to create something special as a gift to your family and friends — for which you won’t require channel distribution.  We work with you to launch your book and/or eBook in the way that best meets your needs and goals.

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There are now multiple tiers of quality and pricing available for full-color books. We can now easily produce color instructional books, photo books and memory books that are beautiful and affordable.

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State-of-the-art in eBooks is constantly changing! River Sanctuary Publishing offers you the latest eBook technology with sales venues through Amazon (for Kindle), the iBookstore (Apple), Barnes and Noble (for Nook device), and Kobo (the largest Canadian e-book online retailer).